The Q-Ride Whitsunday Motorbike licence training courses – (R) Unrestricted is designed to reinforce your riding skills and knowledge and further develop your higher order cognitive skills and risk management strategies.

Designed for people who have completed the restricted (RE) course and have significant riding experience, the motorbike licence training course is conducted predominantly on-road. After an off-road check to ensure you can safely be taken on-road, the course consists of an on-road riding interspersed with stops to provide coaching and discuss safe-riding behaviors and strategies.

The course aims to enhance and reinforce your riding knowledge and skills to effectively manage riding situations on a more powerful motorcycle, to reinforce good riding attitudes and minimise the likelihood of harm due to inappropriate riding skills, behaviors or risk management.

We have a great range of non LAMS bikes along with helmets, gloves and jackets. Our venue has an air-conditioned training room, dedicated training pad area with modern facilities. We have experienced and dedicated (male & female) trainers who will assist you throughout the course.

On successful completion of Q-Ride we are able to issue you with your unrestricted licence. You’re then free to ride whatever type of bike can be registered on the road!

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